Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Best Sex Ever (WEEK 2: CHERRY PIE!!!)

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So, if you missed the second installment of the Best Sex Ever in the High School Service, here is your morning recap:

In week 2, we talked about the big idea of "Cherry Pie." I know, I know, and NO, it's not what you're thinking! (you dirty minded people...) I shared with everyone how my wife made me this AWESOME cherry pie one time, and left it on the counter for me...but during the day, several people had come by and picked at it! By the time I got home, I didn't have the beautiful cherry pie my wife had made me! Instead, all that was left was a jumbled up mess!

In the same way, when we show up on planet earth, God gives us this AMAZING gift called sex...and it's a gift that is meant to blow our mind when we enjoy it with our spouse on our wedding night! The problem is, along the way, we let other people besides our spouse mess with that gift...and some completely take it! When our wedding night comes, we no longer have the gift or the "cherry pie" that God intended for us to have! That's why it is so important for us to protect and not let other people "mess around" with our sexuality! When you keep your gift intact, it allows sex to be what it was intended to be...IN...CRED...I...BLE!!!

Make sure you are around for week 3...God's ready to do so some serious work in our there!!!

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